make ready studio
make ready studio

Make Ready Studio is an award winning design practice.
We create brand identities, campaigns and publications
for cultural and commercial clients who recognise the
value of beautifully crafted ideas.

Founded in London [2011] by Australian-born graphic
designer Graeme Rodrigo and now based in Copenhagen,
the studio has an inherently international perspective
evident throughout its work which has been recognised
by D&AD and Le Club des Directeurs Artistiques.

Selected clients

British Council for Offices
Copenhagen Carpentry Co.
Danish Design Makers
Dansk selskab for ny fransksproget litteratur (SLC)
Forlaget Etcetera
Institut Français
Le Bistrot Paul Bert
Orchestre de Paris
Palais de Tokyo
Penguin Random House
Praxis 21
Théâtre de l’Arsenal

Creative partners

A Mile in the Woods
Andreas Bro
Baxter and Bailey
Cécile Adam
Emilia Therese
I like to play
Jip Jip
Johan Rosenmunthe
Kevin Telfer
Kopa Printing Solutions
Kristine Funch
Letterpress 77
October Octopus
Patrick Pleutin